Eyhab Al-Masri

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Systems
University of Washington (Tacoma)
Research Profile: Google Scholar Profile

My research focuses on cloud/edge, human-centric, and IoT systems, including:

  1. Cloud/Edge/AI Systems
    • Resource allocation, task scheduling algorithms, service migration, and data placement.
    • Energy optimization in data centers, efficient cooling, demand response, and renewable energy.
  2. Web Services & Data Management
    • Privacy-enhanced databases, policy-based access control, and secure data processing.
    • Design, development and deployment of web services; microservices and serverless architectures.
  3. Human-Centric Computing & Intelligent Systems
    • Multi-agent systems,HCI, Brain-Computer Interface, EMG, and biosignal processing.
    • Human-in-the-loop, Human-Robot Interaction, UAVs, and Generative AI.
  4. Network Protocols, Security, Forensics
    • Secure network protocols, threat detection, anomaly detection, and mitigation of DDoS attacks.
    • IoT forensics, digital evidence recovery, and reconstructing IoT-related events.

I am faculty member in the Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering and Technology at the University of Washington (Tacoma). Previously, I worked in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. I completed my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at the University of Guelph. My doctoral dissertation received an honorable mention from the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) (2009). Previously, I completed my Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering both from Florida International University.


Autumn 2024

TCSS 559 Services Computing
TCSS 445 Database Systems Design

@ University of Washington Tacoma

TCSS 445 Database Systems Design
TCSS 360 Software Development And Quality Assurance Techniques
TCSS 460 Client/Server Programming For Internet Applications
TCSS 591 Research Seminar (Distributed Computing)
TCSS 559 Services Computing
TCSS 573 Internet Of Things
TEE 453 Digital Signal Processing

Research Publications

Efficiency of Modern Data Centers (EMDC) Workshop @ WWW 2021

First International Workshop on the Efficiency of Modern Data Centers (EMDC)

IoT Data Analytics (IoTDA) Workshop @ IEEE BIgData

International Workshop on the Internet of Things Data Analytics (IoTDA)


I actively work with students and collaborators. The list below highlights our collective achievements, including peer-reviewed publications authored by my students.

PhD Students
  • Wenjun Yang (2022 - Present)


MCSS Students (Capstone, Thesis & Independent Study)
  • Aaron Chen (2024 - Present)
  • Derry Cheng (2024 - Present)
  • Preethika Pradeep (2024 - Present)



MCSS (Thesis and Capstone) Alumni
Sri Vibhu Paruchuri TETRA: Time- and Energy-Aware TOPSIS-based Resource Allocation
David Orriss Observing Security in Microservices with Distributed Tracing
Habiba Mohamed A Multi-Objective Approach for Optimizing Edge-Based Resource Allocation Using TOPSIS
Joe Chou Detecting Security and Privacy Risks in Microservices End-to-End Communication Using Neural Networks
Yifeng Liu Evaluating the Reliability of MQTT with Comparative Analysis
Alina Saduova A Self-Adaptive IoT-based Approach for Improving the Decision Making of Active Surgical Robots in Hospitals
Ankit Singh A Hybrid Brain Computer Interface for People with Neurological Disorders
Deepika Patil Seamless Service Migration & Offloading across Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Environments
James Olmsted FogWeaver: A Multi-Objective Optimization Strategy & Characterization of Hybrid Internet of Things Environment
Prashanti Pathak Using TOPSIS for Enhancing Service Provisioning Across Fog Environments
Harnidh Kaur An Observability Framework for Predicting the Behavior of IoT Systems
ShrustiShree Sumanth Package Theft Detection on Wyze Cameras
Deeksha Rao Gorige Investigating Privacy and Security using Distributed Tracing Tools
Vaishali Girdhar Enhancing Fault Tolerance of Fog-Based IoT Systems (Spring 2020, Autumn 2020)
Sreenavya Nrusimhadevara CSRF A Ranking Approach for Microservices in Service Composition
Ayush Bandil VTA-IH: A Fog-based Digital Forensics Framework
Richard Brun MQTT Performance Across Heterogeneous IoT Platforms
Surbhi Goya Real-Time Observability of Distributed Systems
Tejashri Joshi A User-Centric NFV Service Recommender System
Wenjun Yang Assessing Data Quality for Internet of Things (IoT) Systems
Hu Zhao A User-Centered Handoff Procedure in 5G Cellular Networks
Navyasree Petluri Web Traffic Prediction of Wikipedia Pages
Misba Momin Detecting Heart Rate Variability using Web Services
Lingwei Meng QoS-Based Cloud Service Recommender System
Amruthaa Rajan Enhancing Accessibility of Machine Learning using Service Oriented Architecture


MCSS Independent Study Alumni
Ruslan Nurimbetov Dariya Abdrakhmanova Sanjay Vuppugandla Ashwin Meiyappan
Sri Vibhu Paruchuri Nazim Zerrouki Yanliu Wang Shori Yu
Tsung-Jui Wang Dhruviben Kaswala Deepthi Edakunni Sumitha Ravindran
Yiming Gan Rashad Hatchett Simerpreet Kumar Jyoti Shankar
Moran Wang Varik Hoang Pradnya Bhumkar Vaishnavi Goteti
Poornima Dixith Reshma Geetha Rashmi Ramachandra Himani Singh
Rajeev Suri Danyang Xu Xiaola Ye Feng Gao
Jiaqi Wang Zac Lu Shubham Kabu Ramil Zagidultdn
Richa Jain Manish KC Karan Kalyanam Sujanasree Ratakonda
Bhavana Gudi Suganya Jeyaraman Ramya Kumar Pooja Shrivastava
Bharathi Manoharan Swetha Reddy Nathala Ibrahim Diabate Ming Hoi Lam


Undergraduate Research Alumni
Josh Lee Abdulqadir Ibrahim Cordel Hampshire Samuel Hart
Dino Jazvin Daniel Jiang Reuben Keller John Batts
Jonathan Kim Sharanjit Singh Tammy Vo Greg Gertsen
Diesawi Mohammodnur Armoni Atherton David Chau Vecheka Chhourn
Charlotte Yan Craig Robertson Allen Whitemarsh Minh-Huy Tran
Andrea Maria Moncada Eduard Ktdmenko Daniel Carns Benen Adsitt
Christopher Marisco Katatdna Biondi Emmett Kang Kyle Beveridge
Zhou Lu Richard Yang Michael Quandt Keith Stellyes
Daryan Hanshee Dino Hadzic Marshall Freed Haylee Ryan

Prospective Students

Interested in research?

INternet of Things RESearch (INTRES) Group

I am currently looking for highly motivated: (a) PhD student with background on meta-heuristic optimization, (b) post-doctoral researcher with intuinistic fuzzy logic, (c) two capstone/thesis Master's students (Autumn 2024), and (d) one undergraduate student (Autumn 2024). If you are interested, please take a few minutes to fill out this form.

My students have achieved remarkable success: publishing first-author papers, receiving global awards, earning campus-wide recognition securing internships and full-time positions at top technology companies like Microsoft, Google, SAP, and IBM, and gaining admission to prestigious Ph.D. programs at leading universities. I am always proud of their accomplishments and committed to helping them develop their future careers. To learn more about the publications by my current and former students, please visit the Research section.