Daniela Witten

Research Interests

I'm a statistician with broad interests in statistical machine learning and high-dimensional data. I use tools from convex optimization to tackle large-scale problems, and I'm particularly interested in developing statistical machine learning techniques for problems in genomics and neuroscience.

For an overview of my research interests and background, [read my bio]. For a full list of publications, [see my CV].

Research Funding

I am currently PI of the following grants: NIH R01 EB026908, NIH R01 GM123993, NIH R01 DA047869, NSF CAREER DMS-1252624, and a Simons Investigator Award in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems. In the past, my research has been funded by an NIH Director's Early Independence Award and a Sloan Research Fellowship.

Selected Pre-Prints

Statistical Methods: Selected Publications

Statistical Applications: Selected Publications