Daniela Witten

Research Group Members

Daniela Witten, Associate Professor of Statistics & Biostatistics. CV
Lucy Gao, Biostatistics PhD student.
Sean Jewell, Statistics PhD student.
Yandi Shen, Statistics PhD student.
Jiacheng Wu, Biostatistics PhD student.
Bryan Martin, Statistics PhD student.

Research Group Alumni

Yuxiang Xie. MS 2017.
Shizhe Chen. PhD 2016. Co-advised with Ali Shojaie.
Will begin as Assistant Professor of Statistics at UC Davis in Summer 2018.
Ashley Petersen. PhD 2016. Co-advised with Noah Simon.
Assistant Professor at U. Minnesota, Biostatistics.
Kean Ming Tan. PhD 2015.
Assistant Professor at U. Minnesota, Statistics.
Arie Voorman. PhD 2014. Co-advised with Ali Shojaie.
Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Research Group Support Staff

Tessa. Joined support staff in 2014.
Theo. Joined support staff in 2015.
Ari. Also a key member of the support staff.