Daniela Witten

Research Group Members

Daniela Witten, Associate Professor of Statistics & Biostatistics. CV
Lucy Gao, Biostatistics PhD student.
Sean Jewell, Statistics PhD student.
Yandi Shen, Statistics PhD student.
Jiacheng Wu, Biostatistics PhD student.
Bryan Martin, Statistics PhD student.
Hugo (Guo) Yu, Post-Doctoral Research Associate.
PhD 2018 from Cornell University.

Research Group Alumni

Shizhe Chen. PhD 2016. Co-advised with Ali Shojaie.
Will begin as Assistant Professor of Statistics at UC Davis in Summer 2018.
Ashley Petersen. PhD 2016. Co-advised with Noah Simon.
Assistant Professor at U. Minnesota, Biostatistics.
Kean Ming Tan. PhD 2015.
Assistant Professor at U. Minnesota, Statistics.
Arie Voorman. PhD 2014. Co-advised with Ali Shojaie.
Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Research Group Support Staff

Tessa. Joined support staff in 2014.
Theo. Joined support staff in 2015.
Ari. Also a key member of the support staff.