Fan Qi

Degree: MS, 2018

Went to: WHPacific

Working with industry partner Populus, Fan examined how the framing and sequencing of questions could influence the stated effects of ride-hailing services on car ownership.

Xiao Wen

Degree: MS, 2018

Went to: TBD

Xiao analyzed data from a randomized encouragement experiment intended to identify the causal impact of mobility services (ride-hailing and carsharing) on car ownership and driving trips.

Long Pan

Degree: PhD, 2018 (Beijing Jiaotong University)

Went to:  Completing PhD at BJTU

Long was a visiting PhD Student from the Traffic and Transportation Planning and Management program at Beijing Jiaotong University, China. His research addressed modeling of EV drivers’ charging behavior to support optimal investments in charging infrastructure.

Eric Barber

Degree: MS, 2018

Went to:  USC Volleyball

Eric’s work addressed bikesharing and, through an internship with Toyota in 2017, the potential for “right-sizing” the vehicle mix if private vehicle ownership were displaced with mobility services.

Zack Aemmer

Degree: BS, 2018

Went to:  Transpo Group

Zack contributed to projects on bikesharing and behavioral modeling in the context of automated mobility services.

Mingqi Yao

Degree: MS, 2017

Went to: TBA

Mingqi applied hazard models to the prediction of dwell times of carsharing vehicles.

Michiko Namazu

Degree: PhD, 2016 (University of British Columbia)

Went to: Uber

Michiko was a visiting PhD Student from the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Her research explored the environmental impacts of carsharing, vehicle ownership reduction by carsharing, characteristics of carsharing users, and travel behaviour change by carsharing.

Thomas Steckel

Degree: MS, 2016

Went to: Gray & Osborne Inc.

Tom’s research addressed how weather, lighting, and traffic in adjacent lanes affect speeds in HOT lanes, and the implications for the economic efficiency of tolling algorithms.

Riley Kimball

Degree: MS, 2016

Went to: Amazon

Riley studied factors governing how long a carshare vehicle would sit unused between bookings.

Jackson Lester

Degree: MS, 2016

Went to: Cascades East Transit

Jackson spent the second year of his master’s program as a Valle Scholar at KTH Stockholm in Sweden. His research focused on classifying types of cyclists based on their route and infrastructure preferences.

Ryan Hughes

Degree: MS, 2015

Went to: Clark Dietz, Inc.

Ryan’s research addressed the social equity implications of transportation network company services.

Yuan Wen

Degree: MS, 2015

Went to: Concord Engineering, Inc.

Yuan developed models of the charging choices of battery electric vehicle drivers using survey data.

Haixiao Yu

Degree: MS, 2015

Went to: Concord Engineering, Inc.

Haixiao researched methods for modeling the charging behavior of plug-in vehicle drivers, working with data from instrumented Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrids.