Novgorod Resources

The links below provide information on various aspects of the important old Russian city of Novgorod. Several of these expand on themes presented in my article in the Winter 2001 issue of the REECAS Newsletter, which can be accessed either in PDF format, or as an HTML file with links embedded in the text.

  • History and Archaeology of Novgorod. A discussion of the rich archaeological evidence for understanding life in Medieval Novgorod, with a good selection of illustrations. (Will be posted as soon as copyright clearance is obtained for some of the illustrations.)
  • Novgorod's Monuments and Historical Memory. Well illustrated examples and discussion of Novgorod's public monuments and the way in which they invoke the city's past.
  • Novgorod Churches and their Frescoes. Two major examples of early Novgorod churches and their art. More will be added over time to this page.
  • Reconstructions, Restorations and Additions. A discussion of the problematic nature of some of the historic reconstruction in Novgorod.
  • The Vitoslavlitsky Museum of Wooden Architecture. An extended set of photographs and brief discussion of the open air museum of wooden architecture in Novgorod.
  • A Novgorod chronology. Important events and dates in the political history of Novgorod.
  • Further reading/viewing. An annotated guide to primary and secondary sources about Novgorod, links to web pages with Novgorod art and to pages about the current development of the Novgorod region. An English translation of the Novgorod Chronicle, a major source for the early history of Novgorod, has been digitized specifically for linking to this page, and many of the important laws of medieval Novgorod are available on line. There are extensive possibilities for learning about Novgorod icons and historic buildings.
  • Medieval and Early Modern Russia and Ukraine. A collection of links to related resources.

This collection of resources will be expanded in the future. The Central Eurasian Information Resource (CEIR), a digital resource at the University of Washington funded by a grant from the US Education Department, will be on-line in the near future, and the CEIR Image Database will contain more materials relevant to the exploration of Novgorod.