Conway's Life in Java for Waba


Updated for Waba beta version 7!

Waba is a virtual machine and set classes for developing programs in a subset of Java for the PilotOS and Windows CE. One of the features of this environment is that it is possible to write the application and test it on a host machine as a Java applet, and then load it into the Pilot or Windows CE machine without recompilation.

In order to learn about the development environment, I adapted a Java version on Conway's game of Life to run under Waba. Each cell can be occupied or unoccupied. You can click on a cell to toggle its state.

Pressing the "Step" button advances the state by one generation. If an occupied cell is surrounded by more than three neighbors, it "dies" due to overcrowding. If it is surrounded by less than two, it dies due to "loneliness". If an empty cell is surrounded by exactly three occupied cells, it is "born" and becomes occupied.

Pressing the "Random" button fills the screen with a random pattern. The density of the pattern varies from one time to the next.

Pressing the "Clear" button clears the screen.

If your browser is Java enabled, you will see the game below, and you can try it out.


Feel free to use the source code in any way you want.

I have generated  PRCPDBWRP,  and  LNK  files based on this code. In order to run the code on the Pilot, you need to load both the PRC and PDB files. I do not know what you need to do on Windows CE. I have done VERY LIMITED testing of the Pilot version, on a emulator only, and it seems to be OK, but please use caution, ie. back up important data, and so forth. This should be considered EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE! I have done no testing on the Windows version at all, so even less is promised for that version! I would be interested in any experiences you may have.

Last updated on 5/13/99

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