Congratulations to Nick!

Nick, an M.D./Ph.D. student in the lab, recently received an F30 fellowship from the NCI. Nick proposes to develop and apply multiplex assays of variant effect to better understand how mutations in the tumor suppressor PTEN impact protein function, cellular behavior and cancer risk.

We discovered a new mechanism of Src kinase regulation

By measuring the effects of thousands of variants of Src on kinase activity, we revealed a new regulatory mechanism that couples Src's kinase activity and localization within the cell.

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Measuring genome editing kinetics in cells

In collaboration with the Maly lab we developed a rapidly inducible variant of Cas9. Paired with a new ddPCR assay for double strand breaks, we profile Cas9-mediated cleavage and repair kinetics in cells!

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Research Summary

How does a protein’s sequence encode its fold and function? How do changes in sequence influence disease risk, prognosis and treatment? How do gene expression patterns combine with protein activity to define cellular processes like growth, migration and communication? We are interested in developing new ways to probe the relationship between genotype and phenotype, enabling us to better answer these questions. To accomplish this goal, we draw on our expertise in genomics, protein science, technology development and computational approaches. Recent accomplishments include: