Charles Costarella - UW Tacoma

Background: My areas of research are Honeynets, hardening Honeynets against detection by Botnets, Network defense and Cybersecurity applications of C#.NET, including secure coding and automation of security tools. I have co-authored journal and conference articles. I am faculty advisor for the campus GreyHat security group, and a member of The Honeynet Project, an international cybersecurity organization. I am a contributor to the development efforts of the IT curriculum in the areas of networking, programming and system administration, to include a Masters in IT. I have held Cisco CCNA certifications in Routing and Switching and Security as well as Network Engineering and Information Assurance Certificates from the UW's Professional and Continuing Education. I am a certified CCNA instructor and the director of SET's Cisco NetAcad. I have been programming UNIX, Linux, Vax, DOS, LEGO Mindstorms, Tandy, and Windows computers in QBasic, Pascal, FORTRAN, Ada, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, R, PowerShell, and C# since the early 1990's.

My regular teaching assignments here at the University usually include the following (annually):

As a teaching professor who regularly teaches graduate courses (MCL and soon MSIT) I mentor students who are doing their MCL Capstones in the areas of:


.NET: In my spare time I like to learn about .NET Core full stack web application development and I have a passion for learning anything having to do with C# and .NET.

Music: I studied music extensively as a child & teen and again later at USC and I am still involved in playing and recording with friends, using digital recording, digital amp simulators and instruments, speaker cabinet impulse responses, DAWs, and web-based music sharing and collaboration sites. I play guitar, trumpet, and piano and love just about all styles of music.

Guitar Method: For the past 50 some years now, from my teenage years through college and then playing clubs and concerts, recording, etc. I've been thinking about getting more than a few of the ideas that have been floating around inside my head down into some kind of "book" and although it is definitely a work in progress, I've tried to collect some of the best of the best ideas that I've been exposed to over the years of having the absolute best music teachers in the world. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I don't think you'll find a collection of applied fingerboard harmony ideas quite like these in any other location or collection - at least, none that I've ever seen. Useful Guitar Chord System is the working name for now. And although that was my original intention, the title is a little misleading and narrow at this point. The book is more like a collection of ad hoc fingerboard harmonic systems and organizations of tones and harmonic structures. Fits a variety of music styles from rock to jazz, funk, R&B (original), blues, country, folk, americana, etc. and all of it is ultimately immediately usable.

Driving/Travel: I'm an avid traveler and love taking extensive road trips to visit family.

Contact: costarec(at)

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