Modelling the Evolution of Social Contract and the Stag Hunt

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Course Description

In this two-part tutorial, participants will learn the basic syntax of NetLogo, which is a programming language designed specifically for the construction of agent-based models. The instructors will provide participants with a basic implementation of an agent-based model that has been used widely to explain the evolution of cooperation, namely, a model in which the Stag Hunt is played repeatedly on a network. See Skyrms' Evolution of the Social Contract, in particular, for a discussion of the importance of this model. Participants in the tutorial will then learn different features of NetLogo's syntax by progressively generalizing and modifying the model. In part one of the tutorial, Mayo-Wilson will teach participants how to modify parameters in the model, including payoffs in the game, the size and the structure of agents' neighborhoods, and the learning algorithms.In part two, Zollman will teach participants how to implement network formation algorithms.

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