Courtesy of Genesee County Village Museum

iNaturalist: Report your (Live) Coyote & Raccoon Sightings!

We have developed a easy to use way of reporting coyote and raccoon sightings in and around Pierce County!  The program iNaturalist is a web and app-based program that allows anyone to log wildlife throughout their cities, neighborhoods, and even in natural parks.  We have developed our own page that pertains directly to the Grit City Carnivore Project which you can find here. You sightings are then plotted in real time and placed on a Google map that is openly accessible to all that become part of the project.  These data then go directly to aiding in learning about when coyotes encounter humans, what those encounters look like, and how we can better foster co-existence because of it.  We already have 20 sightings within 5 months, and we can increase that with your help!


Identify photographs from the field (coming Early 2019)
Looking to help the project and learn more about the many species of wildlife we have here in Tacoma and Pierce County? Early in 2019, we will be launching a new community science initiative that provides the public an opportunity to record data for us first hand. Wildlife photos from our motion-triggered cameras will be uploaded to our online project page, hosted by the science crowd-sourcing website: Zooniverse. Be on the lookout for updates to our Zooniverse site.

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