Meet the Team

Learn more about the principal investigator, zoo and wildlife specialists, community members, and students at the heart of the Grit City Carnivore Project

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Our Research

Delve deeper into the questions we ask, the methods we use, and how our results may reflect on eco-evolutionary dynamics & human-wildlife interactions in cities

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Get Involved!

From iNaturalist to Zooniverse - members of the Schell Lab and GCCP are deeply interested in community science. Found out ways in which you can get involved in the GCCP!

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The Schell Lab: Est. Fall 2018

The Schell Lab for Urban Ecology has officially launched at the University of Washington, Tacoma! We are excited to be a part of the Tacoma community, and ready to do get into some exciting work that blends empirical research with community engagement.  Stay up-to-date with our work, media postings, and readings as we continue to…

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