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The College of Arts and Sciences

Writing Program

John Webster became Director of Writing for the College of Arts and Sciences in November of 2003. In that job his primary task has been to work with the College Deans to build a culture of writing throughout the College.

To effect this transformation the College has worked on at least four fronts:

• supporting faculty throughout the College in developing well-designed, effective writing assignments by offering seminars and workshops on Course-Integrated Writing Assignment Design.

• supporting students in completing faculty-assigned work through easily accessible writing center mentoring; (See: OWRC)

• supporting incoming international and under-prepared students with innovative “Writing-Ready” courses as a part of Early Fall Start; (See ENGL 108)

• supporting the work of writing programs throughout the college by coordinating programs, writing centers, and campus administrative offices. (See: Administrative Committees)

Teaching and course-design materials: We have also developed a number of teaching and course-design materials to support faculty, TAs and students, and we'll be posting updated versions of these materials to this site as time goes on.

An introduction to Writing-integrated courses

Dealing with Plagiarism by Knowing it, Teaching it,
and Out-smarting it

Notes on Designing 200-level English Courses

English Department W-Course Guidelines

Recent Scholarship connected to the Program: To review descriptions of paper's recently given on the College 4x4 program, follow the links to Playing the Writing Card and Have They Kept Doing It