Drug Abuse Crossword Puzzle

Print out this puzzle, then read the clues and fill in the blanks. The clues are below the puzzle on this page and here are the answers in the completed puzzle. Don't look at the answers yet!! Give it a try. If you need a hint for any of the clues, read about the effects of drugs on the nervous system.


2.  Fiber of the cannabis plant; used to make cord
4.  Stimulant found in tea, coffee, and some sodas
6.  Drugs derived from poppies
7.  Alcohol's effect on the central nervous system
8.  An imagined experience; can be caused by drugs or disorders such as schizophrenia
11. Nerve cells
12. Drug in tobacco that is a stimulant
1.  Process by which alcohol is made
3.  Also known as "angel dust"
5.  Real name for the drug "speed"
9.  Abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol
10. Another name for the drug "acid"

ANSWERS in the completed puzzle.

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