Brain Board Game


  1. The OBJECT OF THE GAME: to move around the brain board and land on each item on your brain card: a neurotransmitter, a lobe of the brain, a part of a neuron and a part of the brain.
    1. Give each player one brain card and one brain marker. Each player should write his or her name somewhere on the brain marker.
    2. Place each player's brain marker in the upper left hand corner of the brain board (to the left of the "occipital lobe" space). This is the place where all the players start.
    3. Decide who goes first. The first player rolls a die and moves his brain marker the number of spaces showing on the die (move in a clockwise pattern). When the player lands on a square, the player checks his brain card to see if the structure is listed on his card. If the structure is on the card, then he crosses this structure out on his card (or place a penny or other item over this structure). Then it is the next player's turn.
    4. Take turns rolling the die and moving the brain markers around the brain board.
    5. The first player who lands on all the structures on his card is the winner.
Get the Brain Board and print it out.

Get the Brain Cards and Markers and print them out.

dice What? You don't have any dice to roll? Well, then get some dice and make your own.

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