Web Page Evaluation Form

You be the judge...this is your chance to give out the grades. As you travel around the Internet, think about the appearance, content and design of a web page. After you finish viewing a web page, use this form to give it a grade. Circle the number to the right of each statement that describes what you think about the page. A "1" means that you do not agree with the statement; a "3" means that you neither agree nor disagree and a "5" means that you agree with the statement. Add up the scores of each section to give a FINAL SCORE to a page.

Name of web site -________________________________________________________

URL of web site - http://___________________________________________________

The images and graphics are useful 12345
The images and graphics are of high quality 12345
The text and background colors make the page easy to read 12345
Total Appearance Score = ____
The information is current and useful 12345
There are useful links to other web pages 12345
The text is easy to understand and well-written 12345
The people who made the page are identified 12345
Total Content Score = ____
The pages load quickly 12345
It is easy to move from page to page 12345
The pages are interactive 12345
Total Design Score = ____
I learned something at this web site 12345
I will visit this site again 12345
This site is better than most other sites 12345
The pages made me think 12345
I will recommend this site to someone else 12345
Total General Score = ____
(maximum score = 75)

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