Neural Crossword Puzzle

Print out the puzzle, then read the clues and fill in the blanks. The clues are below the puzzle on this page and here are the answers in the completed puzzle. Don't look at the answers yet!! Give it a try. If you need a hint for any of the clues, click on the [hint].


1.  Composed of the brain and spinal cord (3 words). [hint]
8.  Contains photoreceptors; on the inner posterior portion of eye. [hint]
9.  "Inside the mouth"
11. Electrical brain activity recorded with scalp or brain electrodes 
13. Necessary for hearing.
15. Cell body. [hint]
17. Neurotransmitter in brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system 
(abbreviation). [hint]
18. Outermost layer of meninges. [hint]
19. Neurotransmitter lacking in patients with Parkinson's disease.
21. Supportive cells of the nervous system; "glue". [hint]
22. Nerve cell. [hint]
23. Photoreceptor that is not used for color vision. [hint]
24. Photoreceptor that is used for color vision. [hint]
26. The sense of hearing.
29. Opposite of "Yes"
30. Junction between two neurons. [hint]

1.  In the brain, it is the outermost layer of the gray matter.
2.  The fifth cranial nerve. [hint]
3.  The middle layer of the meninges. [hint]
4.  The part of the cell containing chromosomes.
5.  Period of sleep when dreams occur (abbreviation). [hint]
6.  The second cranial nerve. [hint]
7.  Fat-like substance that surrounds some axons. [hint]
10. The first cranial nerve. [hint]
12. Fluid that fills the ventricles (abbreviation). [hint]
14. Part of neuron that takes information TO the cell body. [hint]
16. Short for "mother".
18. Electrical brain activity between 2 and 4 Hz. [hint]
20. Part of neuron that takes information AWAY from the cell body. [hint]
22. A short written letter.
24. Abbreviation for 1 across.
25. Organ for vision.
27. Opposite of "off".
28. Opposite of "yes".

ANSWERS in the completed puzzle.

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