Current Teaching Assignments

 CM414 Virtual Construction

Exploring innovative technologies and work processes around the emerging area of Virtual Construction.  This includes lectures and hands-on exercises. In this class, I focus on nascent practices and concepts while giving the students exposure to current software tools.

Arch/CM 404 Integrated AEC Studio

In this problem-based learning course students work in teams of 8 to develop, designs and virtually build a building with high performance goals.  Past projects include the Bullitt Foundation Building (6 story multi-use), a modular classroom, and a rural healthcare center.  Students from architecture, construction management and engineering come together in a collaborative setting in studio environment.  We explore Integrated Practice techniques and use Building Information Modeling and energy modeling software.

CM 515 Advanced Project Management Concepts

In this graduate level class we explore emerging topics in project management including Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling.  Since it is an emerging topic, there are no textbooks.  The course covers how project management principles are realized, modified or challenged by emerging technologies such as Building Information Modeling.

BE550 Ph.D. in the Built Environment Colloquium

The colloquium is at the heart of the Ph.D. in the Built Environment, which is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program that bring together diverse domains and interests around issues of urbanization, globalization and sustainability (to name a few) and addresses
questions ranging from History and Theory to applied planning, design and construction subjects.  Faculty, students, visiting scholars and guests are welcome to attend and present.

Graduate Students Supervised as

Ph.D. Committee Chair

Hamid Abdirad:  Knowledge Management and Building Information

Chris Monson: Interaction of Institutional Forces and Individual Actions in Integrated Practice

Dr. Anne Anderson (2015)    Collaboration in Global Teams

Dr. Hoda Homayouni (2015) Building Information Modeling, Collaboration and Green


Ph.D. Committee Member

Daniel Hall, Stanford University, Innovation in Integrated Delivery

Julieta Matos Castano, University of Twente


Semra Comu, Virgina Tech, Collaboration in Global Virtual Teams


Christoph Merschbrock, University of Adgar

Manisa Veeravigrom, GSR, Green Roads

Jeralee Anderson, GSR, Green Roads

JeongWook Son, 2011 Simulation & Productivity

NamHun Lee, 2009 A framework for developing new visualization schemes for construction project performance monitoring


M.S. Thesis Committee Chair

Mihir Bharmal, Spring 2016: Asset and Inventory Management at Sound Transit

Alireza Borhani, Fall 2015: Building User Audit Procedure

Lokesh Masania, Summer 2015: Dichotomy Between 2D and 3D Data for Facilities Management

Lucky Agung Pratama, Spring 2015: Immersive Virtual Reality Prototype for Evaluating 4D CAD Model

Bita Astanah Asl, Spring 2015: Value Proposition of COBie at the University of Washington

Andrew Hansen, Summer 2014, Dismantling Silos: From Creative Collaboration to Collaborative Creativity

Gayane Aghazarian, Fall 2012: A Comparative Analysis of Construction Operation Information Exchange Via Paper-based Systems and COBie Format

Andrew Marsters, Fall 2011: Obstacles of Implementing 6D Information Exchange: a Case Study of COBie at the University of Washington

John R. Elswick, Fall 2011: Barriers to the Adoption of 4D modeling

Amor Kool, Fall 2010: The changes made during construction phase of the building which deflects the energy model prediction to the calculated actual performance.

Rebecca Tyrone, Fall 2010: Analysis of Integrated Design-Build Practice

Chris Rutz, Spring 2009: Productivity in the Collection of COBIE Data for Existing Buildings

Ana Levan, Spring 2009: Evaluation of BEES 4.0, Athena EcoCalculator, and the Green Guide: The Use of Life Cycle Analysis Tools for Teaching Construction Materials and Methods

Rishi Tirupari, Winter 2009: KMEW Ceraclad Siding Study Phase II

Helen Juan, Fall 2008: The Collection of COBIE Data for Existing Buildings: A Comparative Cost Analysis of Four Survey Methods

Manisa Veeravigrom, Summer 2008: Building Information Modeling for Operations and Maintenance

Naila Crawford, Summer 2008: Impact of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the Roles and Responsibilities of Architects in the Puget Sound Region

Basem Banabilah, Spring 2008: Building Information Modeling – A Better Way to Achieve Sustainable Design?

Juthamard Subongkot, Fall 2007: Comparing Exterior Wall Performance In Terms Of Moisture Across Seasons

Regina Goth, Fall 2007: 3D BIM Metrics for Mechanical Contractors

Zerah Zurek, Spring 2007: Moisture Intrusion Testing Of Rain Screen Siding Systems

Makoto Sakagami, Spring 2006: Development of Strategies To Overcome Barriers To The Adoption Of Web-Based Project Management Systems

M.S. Professional Project Committee Chair

Sai Neeraj Kumar, Spring 2009: Case Studies for Material Life Cycle Analysis           

Maizer Ouijdani, Fall 2008: Construction Event Case Studies

Brad Hottle, Fall 2008: Implementing BIM as a Contractor

James Shaiman, Spring 2007: 3D and BIM Models for Skanska Construction            

Peter Avratin, Winter 2007: Pacific Northwest Center for Construction Research and Education Methods and Materials Lab

Jos van Boxtel, Fall 2006: Masters US-Netherlands Exchange Project

Jos Appelhof  and Koen Kerstens, Spring 2006: Masters US-Netherlands Exchange Project

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