Physics 585 – Testing Gravity – Autumn 2016

Coordinator/instructor: Charlie Hagedorn ( )

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"Of these four forces, there’s one we don’t really understand." "Is it the weak force or the strong--" "It’s gravity." – Randall Munroe, XKCD 1489.


A gravity-themed journal-club course that explores experimental tests of gravity, the search for gravitational waves, and the wide interface between gravity and astrophysics. Participants will select and present papers of timely or historical interest.


Wednesdays, 2 pm. CENPA (North Physics Lab) conference room, Room 178. It’s directly inside the front entrance.


This is an ungraded course for one credit. Students attending for credit will be required to present one paper and turn in one written question per week prior to each week’s discussion.

Schedule, Possible Papers:

The schedule below is approximate and updated frequently. Each week’s presenter may choose a paper from the suggestions below or select a related paper. If you’d like to present for a particular week, or if there’s a paper you’d like to see added, please email Charlie.
Presenters should email out their paper selection by Friday afternoon on the week preceding the class meeting.
Rainer Weiss LIGO public talk October 25

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