On these pages I have documented some of my professional values, expectations, and ethics. I post these documents here, in public, so current and prospective students can know what to expect in my classes, lab, and field research. I also want to share with the broader research community what I believe to be the best practices for common professional activities.

The goal of having these documents is to help us transparently and openly manage our expectations. This make it easier for us to enjoy our learning and research work, while minimizing misunderstandings and bad assumptions. If you are a student, these are the documents that we start with when we discuss our expectations in greater detail.

Most of the content is adapted from the sources acknowledged below, so these are mostly professional norms in adademia that are typical and widely held. Although not of the content here is original, it does truly express my values, ethics and expectations, and I refer to these documents regularly when working with students.


The text here includes material from:

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