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Welcome to the Baneyx Lab

We conduct fundamental and applied research at the interface of biotechnology, nanotechnology and molecular engineering with the goals of improving the expression and folding of heterologous proteins in Escherichia coli, developing innovative sensors and sensing strategies, and building proteins capable of controlling the nucleation, growth, crystallography, assembly and reconfiguration of hybrid organic-inorganic-synthetic materials at the nanoscale. More information on these concepts and descriptions of ongoing projects can be found in the research section of this site.

We are affiliated with the University of Washington Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute and the Nanotoxicology Center.

04/14 - Congratulations to Dr. Brandon Coyle, our newest Ph.D.!
04/14 - Brandon's paper on cleavable silica binding peptides for rapid protein purification is out in Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
03/14 - The lab work on just-in-time manufacturing of vaccinating nanoparticles was highlighted by Fast Company.
01/14 - François was appointed Chair of the University of Washington Department of Chemical Engineering.

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