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Office: TLB 307C
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Box 358426, 1900 Commerce St,
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Ankur M. Teredesai,Ph.D.

Professor: Computer Science & Systems | School of Engineering and Technology | University of Washington | Tacoma

General Co-Chair: ACM KDD 2019

Prof. Ankur Teredesai is a Full Professor w Tenure of Computer Science & Systems at the School of Engineering & Technology, University of Washington. Today healthcare technolgy solutions are complex, with increasing emphasis on AI driven software. Dr. Teredesai's research on AI Regulation of solutions for personalization of decisions in healthcare has widespread applications. He is an invited member of global industrial and governmental partnerships pushing the boundries of innovation and policy in this field.

Prof. Teredesai has published 100+ papers on machine learning and his work is deployed across various industries (advertising, recommendation systems, global health systems). The work has been recognized in popular press as well as academic citations.

Since 2009 his research contributions have led to advancing our understanding of risk and utilization of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart failure. In 2015, after years of collaborative and applied research on large clinical and claims datasets, Prof. Teredesai founded KenSci, a spin-off form the University of Washington, which was acquired in 2021.

Prof. Teredesai served as the Information Officer for ACM SIGKDD (Special Interest Group in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) from 2006 to 2018 and as past general Chair of KDD 2019. He is currently an associate editor for ACM SIGKDD Explorations and serves on several program committees of conferences in AI & machine learning.

Prof. Teredesai is an active advocate and mentor for non-traditional and women students to take up computing careers.