Select Bilbiography on Tacitus and the Opera Minora



The secondary literature on Tacitus is immense.  This short selection is merely intended as a basic reference and starting point.  Those who wish to explore general Tacitean bibliography more fully are directed to 1) the surveys published every few years in Classical World; 2) the bibliography in Martin's Tacitus which is representative but good; 3) the ANRW bibliographies listed below.



I. Bibliographies

Vol. II.33.2 of Aufstieg und Niedergang der Ršmischen Welt (1990) contains several bibliographies of Tacitean scholarship published up to ca. 1986.  Other volumes in the II.33 series contain many articles about Tacitus.  ANRW II.33.3 is devoted entirely to articles on the Germania and the Agricola.


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II. Concordance

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III. General Studies

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IV. Agricola


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V. Germania


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VI. Dialogus

Commentaries and editions

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