Updated: 9/28/04


Theories of the Social Imaginary

Fall 2004

Prof. Andrew Nestingen
Office: Raitt Hall 305P
Office Hours: M. 2:00-3:00
Tel. (206) 543-0643
Email: akn@u.washington.edu


Purpose of Webpage

The webpage provides a PDF file of the course syllabus, a link to the course discussion board, and a link to a webform for submitting anonymous comments to the instructor. Announcements related to the course will be posted to the discussion board.


Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is available as a PDF file by clicking here.


Course Discussion Board

Click here to access the discussion board. If you'd like instructions about how to make posts to the discussion board, click here.


As part of the course requirements, seminar participants will make one oral presentation on a reading covered in the syllabus. Seminar participants are asked to post an abstract of their presentation (max. 300 words) to the course discussion board at least twenty-four hours in advance of their scheduled presentation. All participants are urged to read the abstract before each meeting to prepare themselves for discussion of the presentation.


The discussion board may also be used to continue seminar discussion outside of class. Feel free to revisit a topic covered in class, comment on seminar discussion, or raise questions that didn't come up. You may also respond to anything posted on the board. The discussion board is organized as a threaded discussion, so please respond to a thread or initiate a new discussion as appropriate.  


Comment Webform

Participants may send feedback to the instructor about the course with this form. Comments may be sent under your name or anonymously. The webform is designed to allow you to ask questions that you don't feel comfortable bringing up in class, to comment on the content or organization of the seminar, and to offer criticism of the course. I'll use your comments to evaluate and modify the seminar as the quarter progresses. All comments will be handled with discretion.