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Autumn 2010

Prof. Andrew Nestingen

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The webpage outlines the course schedule, furnishes links for lecture notes and discussion questions, and provides announcements, changes, and links related to the course. You’ll be able to determine that the notes and questions are in place by the color of the link: blue indicates they're in place, black they're not.


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Course Announcements



Course Schedule 


Week 1               Introduction to Finnish Folk Poetry and Kalevala

Th.     9/30

Syllabus Review and Course Introduction


Week 2               Kalevala as Oral Poetry and Literature

Tue.     10/5

Lecture: How to Read Oral Poetry -- Evan Wright

How to Read an Oral Poem; "The Cosmos: Introduction"

Keywords: Cosmology, orality, repetition, alliteration

Discussion Questions

Th.       10/7

Lecture: What is Kalevala?

"The Storyteller"

Keywords: Elias Lönnrot, Finnish autonomous grand duchy (1809-1917), epic

Discussion Questions


Week 3              Väinämöinen and the Sampo

Tue.     10/12

Lecture: Väinämöinen and Aino

Keywords: Gender, Väinämöinen

Discussion Questions

Th.       10/14

Lecture: Väinämöinen and the Sampo

Keywords: Totem, Symbol

Discussion Questions


Response Paper #1 Questions


Week 4               Shamanism and Weddings

Tue.     10/19

Lecture: Väinämöinen the Shaman -- Evan Wright

Keywords: Shamanism, Animism, Singing

Discussion Questions

Th.       10/21

Lecture: Weddings

Keywords: Rite of passage, Marriage

Discussion Questions


Response Paper #1 Drop Box


Week 5             Kullervo and Lemminkäinen

Tue.     10/26

Lecture: Kullervo -- Evan Wright

Keywords: Sacrifice, tragedy

Discussion Questions

Th.       10/28

Lecture: Lemminkäinen

Keywords: Seducer, love

Discussion Questions


Week 6             Kalevala's Trouble with Sex and Gender

Tue.     11/2

Video: Troublemaker's Mother--Nick DiMartino


Mid-Term Review Sheet

Th.       11/4

Lecture: Kalevala, Virgin Birth, and Väinämöinen's Departure

Keywords: Allegory, History


Week 7              Mid-Term Exam

Tue.     11/9

Mid-Term Exam

Th.       11/11

NO CLASS -- Veterans' Day


Week 8               Folklore Traditions to Identity Construction

Tue.     11/16

Lecture: Kalevala's Legacy in the Arts

Reading: What are Kalevala Images Built From?

Keywords: Neo-romanticism, nationalism

Th.       11/18

Viewing: Pathfinder


Week 9              Pathfinder  

Tue.     11/23

 View and Discuss Pathfinder and Intro to the Sami

Sami, Cultural Revitalization

"Folklore, Boundaries, and Audience in The Pathfinder"

Th.       11/25

NO CLASS -- Thanksgiving Holiday


Week 10             Troll: Choose Your Own Epic

Tue.     11/30

Lecture: Eco-literature and Finnish Folklore -- Evan Wright

Keywords: Postmodernism, nature, eco-literature

Th.       12/2

Lecture: Johanna Sinisalo and Troll -- Special Guest, Sanna Karkulehto, University of Oulu/Rice University


Writing #2


Week 11           From Epic to Singing Revolution

Tue.     12/7

Lecture: The Baltic Singing Revolutions


Final Writing

Th.       12/9

Course Evaluations