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Autumn 2006

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Purpose of Webpage


This webpage outlines the course schedule, furnishes links for lecture notes, and provides announcements, changes, and links related to the course. Check the site regularly to keep abreast of changes.


Lectures for each week will be posted by Monday morning 9 AM, allowing you to review the notes or print them  before you come to class. Lecture notes are listed by date and lecture title. Each link will bring you directly to the lecture notes. The notes are an outline, not the lecture, so if you miss class, you may miss key points and discussions not included in the lecture slides.


This page is not the course syllabus. Download a PDF file of the syllabus, if you need one. 




Course Announcements


Course Schedule and Notes


Week 1: Introducing Scandinavia

Tue.    9/28

Course Introduction and Syllabus Review

Lecture: What is Scandinavia?


Week 2: Vikings


Tue.   10/3

Lecture: The Viking Age


Th.     10/5

Lecture: Viking Society



Week 3: Christianity


Tue.   10/10

Lecture: Medieval Christianity


Th.     10/12

Lecture: The Protestant Reformation



Week 4: Nation


Tue.   10/17

Lecture:  The Great Dane: Hans Christian Andersen


Th.     10/19

Lecture: National Awakenings: Norway and Finland


Writing #1 Due


Writing One Notes



Week 5: Emigration and Immigration

Tue.   10/24

Lecture: Emigration and Immigration


Th.     10/26

Lecture: Immigrant Identity in America


Week 6: Mid-Term


Tue.   10/31

Mid-Term Review Guide


Mid-Term Exam

Th.     11/2

No Class Meeting


Week 7: Modern Breakthrough


Tue.   11/7

Lecture: The Modern Breakthrough

Th.     11/9

Lecture: Independence, War, and Welfare


Writing #2 Questions



Week 8: Twentieth Century


Tue.   11/14

Lecture: Scandinavia's Wars

Th.     11/16

Lecture What is the Scandinavian Welfare State?

Writing #2 Due


Week 9: Globalization


Tue.    11/21

Lecture: Globalization and Scandinavia


Th.     11/23

No Class -- Thanksgiving Holiday



Week 10: Scandinavian Cinema


Tue.    11/28

Writing #2 Notes and Guide to Revision


View: The Celebration (Festen, DK, 1998, Dir. Thomas Vinterberg) 88 min. Available at the Odegaard Media Desk on Reserve (for SCAND 360)

Th.     11/30

Lecture: Scandinavian Cinema and National Culture



Week 11: Conclusions


Tue.    12/5

Final Review Guide

Final Review and Course Evaluations


Th.     12/7

Final Exam



                        Happy Holidays!