Searches for Chirality Flipping Currents

Muon g-2

Our local group

Group photo
Photo : (from left to right) Brent Graner, Winston DeGraw, Drew Byron, Heather Harrington working on the He6-CRES setup.

Local group members

faculty : A. Garcia, D.W. Storm
research scientist: H.E. Swanson
postdoc: B. Graner
graduate students: W. Byron, W. DeGraw, H. Harrington,
Master students: E. Hanes, S. Hightower, M. Kimsey-Lim,
undergraduate students: Z. Zhuang, X. Zhu

Spring2022: Phys576
Nuclear Physics: sources, detectors, and safety

Subatomic Physics,
3rd Edition,
by E.M. Henley and A. Garcia
World Scientific, 2007

Pulpit rock