Group News


The lab had a group hike at the Oyster Dome near Burlington, Washington.​


Milo’s paper on “Effect of Surfactant on Electrochemically Generated Surface Nanobubbles” got published in Analytical Chemistry. Great work, Milo!


The lab is growing. We just had several students joining us: Todd Lewis, Bradley Jarvis, Jaryl Tay, Camerin Killion. Welcome.


Sam defended his thesis with flying colors. Congratulation, Dr. Barlow!!! We are so proud of you!


Bo Zhang receives the ACS 2020 Electrochemistry Award! The award will be presented at the Division of Analytical Chemistry’s award ceremony during the ACS fall national meeting Aug. 17-20, 2020.


Milo successfully passed his 2nd year exam. Congratulations!


Ruixuan Wan and Chris McAllister officially join the group as first-year graduate students, Welcome!!!


The group went hiking at the Oyster Dome trail, ~1.5 hours north of Seattle! We arrived at the Samish Overlook at about 10:30 AM and hiked about 3 miles to reach the top of the Oyster Dome. It was such a specatacular view of the Samish Bay!


Bo Zhang started as the President of the Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC).


Our undergraduate research assistant Matt Louie was selected to receive the Distinguished Research in Chemistry Award! Congratulations, Matt! Well done!


Brian Hong joins the group as a new undergraduate research assistant.


Yunshan defended her thesis with flying colors. Congratulation, Dr. Fan!!! GREAT WORK!!!


Our paper on Bipolar Electrochemistry of Single Ag Nanoparticles is just accepted into Langmuir. Han, C.; Hao, R.; Fan, Y.; Edwards, M. A.; Gao, H. F.; Zhang, B. “Observing Transient Bipolar Electrochemical Coupling on Single Nanoparticles Translocating through a Nanopore” Langmuir 2019, accepted and in press.