Our research is focused on fluorescence-enabled electrochemical microscopy, single-nanoparticle electrochemistry, neurochemical imaging, and basic studies of the electrode/solution interface.

Group News

• Postdoctoral Associates Needed!

We are looking for highly motivated ambitious young scientists (recent PhD graduates) to join our group. The ideal candidates will have extensive experience in electrochemistry, microscopy, neurochemistry, and related areas. Qualified applicants will need to submit a cover letter, current CV, publications reprints and at least 3 references via e-mail to

03/16/15 Steve Oja has received some major awards! These are the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Graduate Fellowship and the SEAC Travel Award. In addition, Steve has been accepted to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany, which is supported by the National Science Foundation!

Congratulations, Steve!!

03/16/15 Three people presented at Pittcon in New Orleans: Steve Oja, and Steve Percival, and Bo Zhang.

02/20/15 We have received a Royalty Research Fund (RRF) to support our research on ultrathin-layer cells.

02/19/15 Marissa's paper on Nanowire growth is accepted for publication in ACS Nano.

02/18/15We are excited to hear that Dr. Ming Zhou was selected by the "1000 Talents Program for Young Scholars". 

The "1000 Talents Program for Young Scholars" was started by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee in 2010, which is the national supreme talents recruitment plan.  It aims at introducing excellent foreign talents, and supports them to become the leaders of some fields of research or technology.  The elected talents are expected to be less than 40 years old and have a high education and excellent research background.

01/16/15, Dr. Guozheng Shao joins us as a postdoctoral associate. We also have Vivi and Qinqin join us as undergraduate research assistants. Welcome!!

12/31/14, Dr. Ming Zhou has accepted a postdoctoral position at Los Alamos National Lab. We will miss you, Ming!

• 12/10/14, We are excited to have Chadd Armstrong join our group.

• 10/01/14, Congratulations to Marissa for defending her thesis.

• 12/10/13 Welcome two new graduate students: Yunshan Fan & Chu Han.

• 09/01/13 Dr. Rui Hao joined the group as a postdoctoral associate. Rui will focus on nanoparticle/nanopore research.

• 08/20/13 Michelle David left the group to continue her study at WSU. Michelle had a successful and productive Summer!.


Recent publications

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• Guo, Z.; Percival, S. J.; Zhang, B.* “Chemically Resolved Transient Collision Events of Single Electrocatalytic NanoparticlesJ. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 8879-8882. DOI: 10.1021/ja503656a.

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