From left: Guozheng Shao, Chu Han, Rui Hao, Yunshan Fan, Jin Lu, Chadd Armstrong, Steve Oja, Steve Percival, Peter Defnet, Todd Anderson, Chris Gunderson, Bo Zhang

Our research is focused on the development and use of optical and electron microscopy methods to study molecular interaction and redox reactions at electrochemical interfaces. Our group has developed fluorescence-enabled electrochemical microscopy (FEEM) for studying dynamic redox events on electrochemical arrays.


Group News

07/6/16 We are excited to have Nick Moore joining the group. Nick will spend this summer in the Zhang group working on neurochemistry with small electrodes.

06/10/16 Chu Han and Yunshan Fan have both passed their general exams. Congratulations!

03/29/16 We are excited to have Mr. Ziyi Wang joining our group as a visiting undergraduate research assistant. Welcome, Ziyi.

01/25/16 Dr. Fan Zhang has joined the group as a new postdoctoral associate. Fan received his Ph.D. from Institute of Physics in Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He will be working on Nanoscale Electrochemistry and Electron Transfer in a Bipolar Cell.

12/17/15 Steve Percival has left the group. Steve will join Professor Allen Bard's lab at UT Austin. Steve has contributed tremendously to the group as a graduate student and as postdoc. Best wishes, Steve and enjoy the sunshine!!!

12/16/15 Guozheng has left the group. Guozheng graduated in this Department working with David Ginger on polymer solar cells and then did a brief postdoc research in our lab. Best wishes, Guozheng.

12/16/15 We are excited to have three new students officially joining the lab: Todd Anderson, Sam Barlow, and Peter Defnet. Welcome!!!

12/2/15 Two new papers have just been accepted into Analytical Chemistry. "Nanopipette-based Electroplated Nanoelectrodes" by Rui Hao and Bo Zhang, DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b03548; "Nanoscale Electrochemistry Revisited" by Steve Oja, Yunshan Fan, Chadd Armstrong, Peter Defnet, and Bo Zhang, DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b04542.

07/2/15 Steve Oja's paper on FEEM imaging of diffusion is selected by Anal. Chem. editors to be included in a cross-journal virtual issue "Probing the Fundamentals of Light-Matter Interactions", in celebration of the International Year of Light.

06/29/15 Our NSF proposal has been funded. This grant will support our work on Fluorescence-enabled Electrochemical Microscopy (FEEM). We appreciate the continued support from NSF!

06/23/15 We are excited to have Peter Defnet joining the group for summer research. Peter will work on nanopore and electrochemical coupling. Welcome, Peter!!

05/29/15 Steve Percival has successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Percival! Steve will stay in the group for another year to continue his research on nanoscale electrochemistry.

03/16/15 Steve Oja has received some major awards! These are the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Graduate Fellowship and the SEAC Travel Award. In addition, Steve has been accepted to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany, which is supported by the National Science Foundation! Congratulations, Steve!!

03/16/15 Three people presented at Pittcon in New Orleans: Steve Oja, and Steve Percival, and Bo Zhang.

02/20/15 We have received a Royalty Research Fund (RRF) to support our research on ultrathin-layer cells.

We are looking for highly motivated ambitious young scientists (recent PhD graduates) to join our group. The ideal candidates will have experience in electrochemistry, microscopy, neurochemistry, and related areas. Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, current CV, publications reprints and at least 3 references via e-mail to