From left: Jin Lu, Fan Zhang, Nick Moore, Amanda Tsai, Sam Barlow, Yunshan Fan, Steve Oja, Chris Gunderson, Peter Defnet, Chadd Armstrong, Todd Anderson, Bo Zhang

Not included: Rui Hao, Chu Han, Ziyi Wang

Our research is focused on the development and use of optical and electron microscopy methods to study chemical reactions at electrochemical interfaces. Our group has developed fluorescence-enabled electrochemical microscopy (FEEM) for studying dynamic redox events on massive electrochemical arrays.


Group News

03/14/17 Peter, Todd, and Sam have all passed their 2nd year exams, congratulations!


03/10/17 We are excited to have Zhuoyu Peng joining our group. In her research, she will use electrochemistry and fluorescence microscopy to understand electrochemical behavior of individual nanoparticles and molecules.


03/06/17 Yunshan has been awarded the Graduate Student Travel Award from the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC) to present her research at Pittcon! Congraduations!

Yunshan SEAC

01/30/17 Jin's 2nd paper "Single Molecule Electrochemistry on a Porous Silica-Coated Electrode" has been accepted for publication in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

01/26/17 Jin's paper "Electrostatic Ion Enrichment in an Ultrathin-Layer Cell with a Critical Dimension between 5 to 20 nm" has been accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry.

12/11/16 Our paper "Observation of Multipeak Collision Behavior during the Electro-Oxidation of Single Ag Nanoparticles" has been accepted into JACS! This is a collaborative effort with Professor Henry White's group at University of Utah on an exciting phenomenon of individual Ag nanoparticles.

09/15/16 Steve Oja has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Oja!!

08/15/16 Jin Lu has left the group to join Dr. Matthew Lew's group at Washington University, St. Louis. We thank Jin for his great contribution to the group.

08/5/16 A few papers have been recently accepted for publication in various journals:

  • Chu's paper on gold nanoparticle films was accepted into Langmuir.
  • Yunshan's review paper on Nanoelectrochemistry was accepted into the Analyst.
  • Rui's paper on single-particle dealloying was accepted into Analytical Chemistry.
  • Steve's paper on single-particle ET kinetics was accepted into J. Phys. Chem. C.