From left: Todd Anderson, Sam Barlow, Peter Defnet, Zhuoyu Peng, Bo Zhang, Chu Han, Yunshan Fan

We are an electrochemistry group at the University of Washington. We work on interesting problems in both fundamental electrochemistry and electroanalytical (bio)sensors. We develop and use powerful analytical and physical chemistry tools (e.g., optical microscopy, microfabricated nanoelectrodes, nanopores etc.) to study chemical reactions at the electrochemical interface.

Group News

1/8/19 Milo Suvira officially joins the group as a first-year graduate student ,Welcome Milo!!!

11/28/18 Chu Han successfully defended her thesis. Congratulation, Dr. Han!!! We are so proud of you!

11/28/18 Chris' paper, "FIB-Milled Quartz Nanopores in a Sealed Nanopipette", is accepted into J. Electroanalytical Chemistry.

11/14/18 Yunshan's new paper, "Counting Single Redox Molecules in a Nanoscale Electrochemical Cell", is accepted into Analytical Chemistry.

11/14/18 The group welcomes visiting student, Hongfang Gao. Hongfang comes from Shaanxi Normal Unversity where she is a Ph.D. student in Professor Honglan Qi's laboratory.

10/6/18 The group went hiking at Lake 22, a wonderful park north of Seattle! We took a new group photo at the lake. Check out more photos here.

07/26/18 Sam's new paper, "Electrodeposited Gold on Carbon-Fiber Microelectrodes Enhances Amperometric Detection of Dopamine Release from PC12 Cells", is now accepted into Analytical Chemistry.

07/15/18 Peter, Todd, and Sam have all passed their general exams, congratulations!!!

06/18/18 We have a new high school student, Catherine Zhong, joining us for summer research. Catherine will learn science related to highly sensitive electrochemical detection of neurochemicals in the brain. Welcome, Catherine!

05/04/18 We have a new paper, "Imaging Nanobubble Nucleation and Hydrogen Spillover during Electrocatalytic Water Splitting", accepted into Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.!

03/07/18 Bo Zhang is the newly elected president of the Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC).

03/06/18 Fan's paper "Transient Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation in Single Nanoparticle Collision is accepted into J. Phys. Chem. C.

02/12/18 Chris Gunderson's paper on the use of a quartz nanopore to observe collision and coalescence of individual emulsion droplets is published in Langmuir: "Collision and Coalescence of Single Attoliter Oil Droplets on a Pipet Nanopore".



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