Supplementary Materials Packet

for Integrated Chinese Level 2 - First Edition

updated June 15, 2005

These are outdated and not suitable for use with current editions of the textbook

Beginning in the summer of 1999, with the help of teaching assistants, I have compiled a large set of supplementary materials for use with Integrated Chinese Level 2. The material was revised continuously through 2005. I have been making these materials available free to Chinese instructors who wish to use them. Earlier versions were available in simplified characters, but the current version exists only for traditional characters. You may download the complete set of the student edition. If you are interested in making use of the instructor version, please contact me for instructions. Note that these materials are keyed to the first edition and will not be updated for use with the current edition of Integrated Chinese Level 2.

For each lesson, the packet contains the following sections:

  1. Errata (including corrections to the vocabulary list and grammar notes in the Textbook, and to the homework in the Workbook). The section also includes vocabulary usage notes, a relisting of hard-to-write characters (which are difficult to see in the IC Textbook because of the dark background), and glosses of unfamiliar words which appear in the homework.
  2. Grammar Notes. These are meant to supplement or in some cases replace the grammar explanations in IC. In many instances short exercises are appended to the explanations.
  3. Simplified Character Exercise. These exercises are designed to systematically introduce simplified characters to students who were exposed only to traditional characters in first-year Chinese. They are designed to complement the current lesson's vocabulary and homework assignments.
  4. Activities and Exercises. Designed for in-class use, these are more extensive than the exercises found with the grammar notes, and generally are intended for pair-work.
  5. Reading Guidelines. These are for the student's own use when preparing the lesson text.
  6. Supplementary Translation Exercises. This can be used toward the end of the lesson for a comprehensive, integrated review of the vocabulary and grammar.
  7. Instructor's Materials. These appear only in the Instructor Edition. Additionally, any text in the packet which appears with a dotted underline is only visible in the Instructor Edition.

Because the materials were developed at the University of Washington, there are a number of references to local buildings, streets, and neighborhoods. Additionally, a few of the activities are related to tapes or videos which are not available for general distribution.

Please be aware that these materials may contain errors. Use them at your own risk.

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