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Hello and welcome!

I am a Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington.

My expertise is in Operations Research.
My research is in the area of global optimization with applications to engineering design.

My book on "Stochastic Adaptive Search in Global Optimization" is available, at the publishers web site. A list of errata is found here. My book was reviewed in Interfaces Vol. 35 Issue 4, 2005.


I presented Applications of Optimization at Math Day, March 21, 2005 at the University of Washington. To download the presentation, click here. (.zip format, Office XP required) Open the PowerPoint document. For full viewing, you should "add-in" the Solver from the tools menu when the embedded Excel files load.


To visit our research group web site on Air Traffic Flow Management Under Temporary Capacity Constraints, click here. Our research includes a stochastic programming approach to general resource-constrained assignment problems.


I presented a tutorial at INFORMS meeting 2001 in Miami on "Introduction to Analysis of Adaptive Stochastic Search Methods for Global Optimization."
For abstract, references and full tutorial, click here.


To visit our research group web site on A Global Optimization Algorithm: Improving Hit-and-Run, and Optimal Design of Composite Structures, click here. Our global optimization algorithm can be downloaded and you can test it.


Here is a list of recent papers.

Here is a brief biosketch.

Classes I teach:

IND E 315

Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers 

IND E 324

Linear Programming 

IND E 325

Non-linear Programming and Stochastic Models

IND E 510

Applications of Optimization in Engineering Design

IND E 513

Linear Optimization 


Contact Information:

Zelda B. Zabinsky

Industrial Engineering

Box 352650

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195-2650

Office Phone: (206) 543-4607

Fax: (206) 685-3072

Room: MEB G8

e-mail: zelda@u.washington.edu