Intertitles for Wu Yonggang's The Goddess      Translated by Yomi Braester ©

The Goddess

Lianhua Film Company
Filmed at the Shanghai Studio No. 1

Producer: Luo Mingyou
Studio manager: Li Minwei
Photography: Hong Weilie
Sets: Wu Yonggang
Script and director: Wu Yonggang
Li Jian, Zhang Zhizhi

The prostitute struggles in the whirlpool of life. In the streets of the night, she is a lowly prostitute.When she holds her child up, she is a saintly mother. Between these two lives, she has shown her formidable character.

I've already fed Shuiping. Please pay attention when he wakes up.

How should you thank me?†Tonight you're not going away!


I had no idea she had a child!

When thereís such good food, we'd better have some wine!

Today weíre drinking for our bossís wedding, you should drink one more cup!

Donít think of refusing a toast. Go ask how powerful your old man is. A lonely woman like you is still thinking of doing business outside?

From then on boss Zhang regarded her as his property.

Now Iíve made up for all the money I owed.

I canít go on like this.I decided to move out and then find a way to make a living.Please donít tell him where I went.

The Child? Someone already bought him for a hundred dollars.


This is just to show you my power. If you still want to have the childÖ

Monkey King traveled far and still didnít get out of Buddhaís palm.

She had to escape again from boss Zhangís clutches.Every day, the child grew bigger and contributed to his motherís worries.

I told you more than once, donít play with this trash.

Why do they always curse me as trash?

Donít play with them next time.

It pierced her heart that her child was cursed as trash, making her feel the need that he should get an education.

Whatís the fatherís occupation?


His father is dead.

Their new life began, filling her with renewd excitement.

And you give money to the child to study! I never could read a single word and still managed so far.

Itís none of your business if my child studies.

Today teacher taught me PE, like this.

Iíll play the teacher, you play the student.
Raise your arms level, waist straight!

One, two, one, two, one, twoÖ

I wonít go out tonight.


My mother said heís trash and told me not to play with him.

Trash, trash, trashÖ

Today Iíve lost all my money again.

One day Iíll show you my power.

The day after tomorrow the school will hold open house.Teacher asked me to go on stage and sing.

To bring closely together the school and the studentsí parents, we are holding today an open house.

Calling at dawn,
Calling at dusk,
Calling at dusk for the Times extra issue, for the late-evening newspaper.


Young in years,
Voices bright,
At morning dawn breaks,
In the evening the moon rises.
Calling in the streets,
Calling in the alleys,
Calling in the streets until the
voice gets weak,
Calling in the alleys and the din comes stronger,
My parents at home are old,
From morning to evening, my stomach is never full.

Do you all know what she does for a living?

Since studentsí parents wrote letters of complaint, fearing that this child of lowly origins might be the bad apple to spoil the crop, the school principal decided to investigate the matter thoroughly.

You're studying hard. Tomorrow Iíll by a new pair of shoes for you.


Many people say that this childís parent has a dubious occupation.

If this is true, then for the sake of the schoolís reputation we must ask the student to leave.

True, I am what they say I am.To put food on the table I live in shame.Itís all for the child's sake, he is all I live for.

Although I am a woman of low standing, I am still this child's mother. Are you saying I'm not allowed to want him to study well?

I use the money from selling my body to send him to school.I want him to be a good person.Is my child unworthy of studying?

Iím ashamed of myself. I was wrong. I canít expel a child with a mother like you.


I investigated and concluded that the childís mother is indeed a prostitute, but this is a problem of our entire society.We cannot deny her character, and especially the childís character.

To make a living, she has no choice but to struggle in the whirlpool of life. For the childís future, she wants him to have an education.We are responsible for education and are even more obliged to save the child of this mother from bad environment.

The Principalís opinion seems to be emotionally biased.We must pay attention to the objective environment.

Right.We must also pay attention to the parentsí complaints, or it will impact our schoolís future.

You have completely overlooked the principles of education.We canít harm a studentís future to accommodate the common peopleís erroneous mentality.

I absolutely cannot act this way. Otherwise, I'll leave this school.


The principal acted firmly and submitted his resignation, while the school officially announced the childís expulsion.

Posted note:
After investigating and verifying that the student comes from an improper household, we duly expel the student out of concern for our school's reputation

Teacher told me not to come to school anymore as of tomorrow.

They really did it.We two canít find our place among them.Weíd better leave, to a place where no one knows us.

If you donít return the money to me today, none of us can go on living.

Iíve already spent the money, whatís the use of grabbing me?

Then Iíll fight to my death with you.


What about my child? Let me out!

Newspaper heading: Verdict in the gambling den murder case: female offender convicted of murder, sentenced to 12 years in jail

You lied to me, what did you come for?

They wouldnít let me do as I promised to you, now your childÖ

The child?

The court has ordered the child to be taken to an orphanage, but I can take care of things for you and raise him for you.

Once the child had a mother like me, every one will look down on him for his entire life.

However, after heís grown up, please tell him that his mother has already died.Donít let him know he had this kind of mother.

In the solitude of life in jail she had only one consolation.She would envision the childís bright future.