C LIT 596D (Special Studies in Comparative Literature)
CHIN 560B (Topics in Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies)
Winter Quarter 2007


Chinese Cinema:
A Graduate-level Introduction





 W 3:30-6:20                   MGH 287



Yomi Braester


office: C-504 Padelford


office hours: BY APPOINTMENT


e-mail: yomi@u.washington.edu

course website:




Instructor: Yomi Braester yomi@u.washington.edu

Seminar participants:
Nina Brutzer
Natalie Chin
Lauren Collins
Laura Eshleman

Jian Ge (Gladys)
Ting-yu Hsieh
Danny Lin
Chia-Ying Shih
Bonnie Tilland

The seminar is designed as a crash course for graduate students who wish to get familiar with the discipline of Chinese cinema, for future research and teaching, and provides a
n introduction to the history, critical practices and current scholarship of Chinese film.

1. Presentation of secondary text: every participant will make an informal presentation on a week's assigned reading and films and prepare for facilitating in-class discussion.
2 . Book review: Each participant will write a 1,000-word review on the secondary source chosen for the presentation (due two weeks after the presentation) (due date to be arranged with the instructor).
3 . Final paper: approximately 15 pages. Details will be discussed in class. Due no later than April 6.
4 . In addition, students are encouraged (but not required) to give a formal 15-minute presentation.


Tentative schedule:

week 1
  Berry, China on Screen
  Participants are encouraged to watch either Center Stage (now available in the remastered director's cut) or Song of Youth
week 2
Early Cinema 1
  Zhang, An Amorous History of the Silver Screen, chapters 1-4; 7 (presentation: Laura)
   Films: Laborer's Love; The Goddess
week 3
Early Cinema 2
  Pang, Building a New China in Cinema (presentation: Chia-ying)
   Films: Sons and Daughters of the Storm; The Highway
week 4
The Fifth Generation 1
  Chow, Primitive Passions (presentation: Natalie)
  Films: Old Well; Yellow Earth
week 5
The Fifth Generation 2
  Clark, Reinventing China (presentation: Lauren)
  Films: Life on a String; The Big Parade
week 6
Cinema in the 1980s
  Pickowicz and Zhang, From Underground to Independent (presentation: Bonnie)
   Films: Platform; Home Video
week 7 Taiwanese cinema
  Yeh and Davis, Taiwan Film Directors (presentation: Ting-yu and Danny)
   Films: Home Sweet Home; Buddha Bless America
week 8
Hong Kong cinema
  Fu and Desser, The Cinema of Hong Kong, Parts I and III (presentation: Gladys)
   Films: Mambo Girl; In the Mood for Love
week 9 Contemporary cinema
  Zhang Zhen, ed., The Urban Generation, Parts I and III (presentation: Nina)
  Films: On the Beat; Suzhou