From In the Heat of the Sun:

Beijing has changed so fast. In twenty years it has changed into a modern city, and I can find almost nothing the way I remember it. Actually the change has already wrecked my memories so that I can't tell the imagined from the real.…

My stories always take place in summer. People expose more of themselves in the heat and find it harder to conceal their desires. It seems like it was an eternal summer then. The sun always had time to come out and accompany us. There was plenty of sunlight, too bright, washing our eyes in waves of blackness.

Haha!… Don't believe any of it. I never was this brave or heroic. I have kept swearing to tell the story truthfully, but no matter how strong my wish to tell the truth, all kinds of things have gotten in the way, and I sadly realize that I have no way to return to reality. My emotions changed my memories, which have in turn played with me and betrayed me. It got me all mixed up to the point where I can't distinguish between true and false….

I simply don't dare think any further. I started telling the story wishing to be sincere, yet my determined efforts have turned into lying. I can't give up at this point, can I? No, no, I certainly can't. Are you going to be so heartless as to do this to me? Now I understand so well the plight of those people who make promises. It's simply impossible to be sincere.
From Wang Shuo, Wild Beasts:

This activity gave me strong evidence to refute a folk saying that verges on a truism: every lock has its key. In fact, with a few keys one can open many locks, and with some patience and skill, countless locks - this is the case with the skeleton key.