Permanent Seminar on Visual and Media Studies

Project sponsored by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinology, USA



First forum (2015): Workshop on Chinese and Sinophone cinemas

Sponsored by CCK-IUCS; the UW Simpson Center for the Humanities; and the UW Moving Image Research Group

group photo
From left to right, top: Gu Yizhong (UW), Wang Zhuoyi (Hamilton), Jason McGrath (U of Minnesota, Yingjin Zhang (UCSD), Yomi Braester (UW), Jie Li (Harvard, Bao Weihong (Berkeley), Robert Chi (UCLA), James Tweedie (UW), Heekyong Kim (UW); bottom: Justin Jesty (UW), Zhao Can (UW), He Qian (UW), Zhang Junjun (Peking U), Li Bin (Beijing Film Academy). Photo by Wang Xiaonan (Tsinghua U).



Sunday, 5/24

9:30-9:40 Yomi Braester: opening remarks


Bao Weihong, UC-Berkeley: “Staging in the Age of Mass Mobility: Hong Shen and the Porting of Effects”

Discussant: Yingjin Zhang


Wang Zhuoyi, Hamilton College: “Negotiating the Ideal Womanhood:

          Rewriting and Re-interpreting the Legend of Mulan in Late Qing and Republican China.”

Discussant: Bao Weihong


Li Jie, Harvard University: “Cinematic Guerrillas: Maoist Cinema as a Spirit Medium”

Discussant: Robert Chi


Robert Chi, UCLA: “Unwritten Rules; or, Taiwan as Method”

Discussant: James Steintrager


James Steintrager, UC-Irvine: “Cool War Hero: Ip Man, Cinematic Capital, and Hong Kong’s Final Fight”

Discussant: Chris Hamm, University of Washington


Jason McGrath, University of Minnesota: “Suppositionality, Virtuality, and Digital

          Cinematic Remediations of Chinese Narratives for a Global Market”

Discussant: James Tweedie, University of Washington


Gu Yizhong, University of Washington: “Foreign Martyrdom and Revolutionary Identity in the Film Dr. Bethune”
Discussant: Zhuoyi Wang


Monday, 5/25


Yingjin Zhang, UC-San Diego: “Beyond Sinophone Articulation:

Translocality and Crossmediality in Isaac Julian’s Ten Thousand Waves”

Discussant: James Steintrager


Yomi Braester, University of Washington: “The Ethics of the Image and Chinese Cinema Studies”

Discussant: Jason McGrath