Modern Chinese Literature and Culture

Spring, 2003: special issue on Taiwan cinema

Edited by Nicole Huang and Yomi Braester


Guest Editors' Introduction
Yomi Braester and Nicole Huang

Elvis, Allow Me to Introduce Myself: American Music and Neocolonialism in Taiwan Cinema
Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh

If We Could Remember Everything, We Would Be Able to Fly: Taipei's Cinematic Poetics of Demolition
Yomi Braester

"Nezha Was Here": Structures of Dis/placement in Tsai Ming-liang's Rebels of the Neon God
Carlos Rojas

Black Holes of Globalization: Critique of the New Millennium in Taiwan Cinema
Ban Wang

Taiwanese Popular Cinema and the Strange Apprenticeship of Hou Hsiao-hsien
James Udden

The New Taiwanese Documentary
Robert Chi