Comp Lit 272 / Asian 207 Autumn 2013

Grading criteria for essays

To be considered for full points (30/30), the essay should be submitted on time.

The essay will be evaluated for (1) cogent presentation, (2) application and synthesis of terms used in the course, and (3) analysis and originality.

Presentation (10/30)
Does the essay accord with the stated requirements for length and formatting?
Is the text in clear and accurate English? (Use spell check and grammar check!)

Application and synthesis of terms used in the course (10/30)
Does the analysis use the appropriate terms, as introduced in lectures and in the readings?
Does the report use these terms correctly and in ways relevant to the film?
Does the essay engage in a comparison, as required by the assignment? (In essay #1, comparison between frames; in essay #2, between shots)

Analysis and o
riginality (10/30)
Is there a point being argued in the essay (the thesis)? Is it presented clearly?
Does the essay convincingly support the thesis?
Does the essay offer an analysis informed by the discussions in class?
Is the comparison relevant to the analysis?
Does the essay provide an analysis that is not self-obvious -- some ideas to which your classmates will say, "Oh, I haven't though of that!"?