Paul Yager Research Group
Bioengineering Department, Box 355061, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA

Current PY Group Personnel

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Part of the Yager Group, Summer picnic 2014, Gasworks Park

From left to right: Melissa Li, Xiaohong Zhang, (w children), Maxwell Wheeler, Paula Ladd, Joel Atwood, Erin Heiniger (w child), Enos Kline, Lisa Lafleur, Caitlin Anderson, Peter Kauffman, Shichu Huang, Samantha (Sam) Byrnes, Not Sure, Amanda Woodcock, Sujatha Ramachandran Kumar, Paul Yager, Chelsea Musick, Carly Holstein, Juan Pablo Equivel Bojorquez, Joshua Buser, Mallory Monahan, Ryan Gallagher, Joshua Bishop (w child)

Missing: several!

Active Collaborators

The following are colleagues with whom the Yager group is now directly affiliated and collaborating.

David Baker, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Director, Institute of Protein Design, UW Co-investigator on DTRA EbolaBox project, NIH Zika Serology project
Janet A. Englund, M.D. Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Seattle Children's Co-investigator on multiple projects
Ferric Fang, Ph.D. Professor, Laboratory Medicine, UW Co-investigator on multiple projects
Barry Lutz, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Bioengineering, UW Close collaborator on all microfluidics research

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Joshua Bishop, Ph.D. Investigator on DTRA project
Joshua Buser, Ph.D. Investigator on DTRA project
Erin Heiniger, Ph.D. Investigator on DTRA project
Shichu Huang, Ph.D. Investigator on DTRA and NIH Zika project
Paula Ladd, Ph.D. Investigator on DTRA and Drawbridge projects
Xiaohong Zhang, Ph.D. Consultant on Drawbridge project

Current Graduate Students

The following are graduates students currently pursuing degrees with Yager as their primary advisor. See project listings for additional students affiliated with other professors on joint projects.

Degree Program
Estimated (!) Graduation
Koji Abe Ph.D., Bioengineering DTRA Project 2017
Caitlin Anderson Ph.D., Bioengineering DTRA Project 2018
Kamal Shah Ph.D., Bioengineering DTRA Project 2019

Current Staff

The following are scientific and administrative staff within the Yager group.

Contact Information
Steven R. Bennett Research Scientist DTRA project
Peter Kauffman Research Scientist General technical wizard and senior mentor to all

Sujatha Ramachandran Kumar

Research Scientist

General chemical/biochemical/biophysical wizardess

Chelsea Musick PY Assistant and Program Manager All

Current Undergraduate Capstone Students

Note that this group reflects current BioE seniors only, not other undergraduates in the laboratory in paid or volunteer status.
Emily Cameron Bioengineering NIH Zika project  
Allison Hsu Bioengineering DTRA project  
Brynn Fraser Bioengineering DTRA  
Lauren Mayeda Bioengineering DTRA project  

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