There are three required texts and one course reader for the course.  The following texts are available for purchase at the University Book Store:  Talbott, Which Rights Should Be Universal?(WRSBU?); Rawls, The Law of Peoples (LP); and Pogge, World Poverty and Human Rights (WPHR).  There is a course reader that will be available for purchase at the Copy Center in the Communications Building, Room B-042 in the second week of the quarter.  It contains a draft of Chaps. 1-8 and 11 of my forthcoming book, Human Rights and Human Well-Being (HRHW). 

            The reading list below is a provisional one, especially because Chap. 9 of my book manuscript is not written yet.  Also, we may find that we spend more time on some chapters of the manuscript and less time on others.  We will definitely get to the Rawls and Pogge readings at the end, because I need to think about what I want to say about them in order to finish the manuscript. 


Week #1 (Mar. 31):  Introduction


READINGS:  Talbott, WRSBU?, Chaps. 2-4.  Most students in the seminar have read a draft of these chapters in PHIL 338.  If you have not, make sure you have read them by the second session.


Week #2 (April 7):  Social Practice Consequentialism


READINGS:  Talbott, HRHW, Chaps. 2-4.  E-RESERVES and READER.


Week #3 (April 14).  The State of Nature and the Main Principle


READINGS:  (1) Talbott, HRHW, Chaps. 5-6.  READER

            (2) Pogge, WPHR, pp. 44-51.


Week #4 (April 21).  The Main Principle and Security Rights (with More on the State of Nature)


READINGS:  (1) Talbott HRHW, Chaps. 6-7.  READER

            (2) Pogge, WPHR, pp. 37-44


Week #5 (April 28):  Why Autonomy Rights Are Basic Rights


READINGS:  (1) Talbott WRSBU?, Chaps. 5-6.

            (2) Talbott HRHW, Chap. 8.  READER


Week #6 (May 5):  Property Rights, and Other CAP Rights, including Democratic Rights

            (1) Talbott WRSBU?, Chap. 7

            (2) Talbott HRHW, Chap. 9.  This will be on E-RESERVES when I have finished it.


Week #7:  Rights Against Legal Paternalism

            (1) Talbott HRHW, Chap. 11, “A Consequentialist Right Against Legal Paternalism”.  READER. 


Week #8:  Human Rights Beyond National Boundaries?

            (1) Rawls, Law of Peoples

            (2) Talbott WRSBU?, Chap. 1.

            (3) Talbott HRHW, Chap. 1.  READER

            (4) Pogge, WPHR, Chap. 2.


Week #9:  Stronger International Rights

            (1) Pogge, WPHR, Chaps. 4-6


Week #10:  Conclusion

READINGS:    Pogge, WPHR, Chap. 8

            Talbott WRSBU?, Chaps. 8 and 9.