PHIL 437 Philosophy of Hume

Talbott, 3 credits


            What is reason?  What is reasoning?  In 1739-40, David Hume published a radical critique of the standard philosophical answers to those questions in his Treatise on Human Nature.  In this course, we will study Hume's Treatise to understand Hume's critique of the standard answers and to appreciate the relevance of Hume's critique for our own answers to those questions.  The course requirements include a midterm exam, a final exam (one-half in class, one-half take home), and short in-class writing assignments.  No freshmen.  Prerequisites:  One previous course in philosophy or the permission of the instructor. 

TEXTS:  David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature (Oxford Philosophical Texts); David Norton, Cambridge Companion to Hume.