PHIL 410A:  Checklist for Part II of Term Paper Assignment


            Note that it is not necessary and not even desirable for you to write your papers in the order of the items on this checklist.  However you order them, all the following items should be included in your draft.    



1. (a) Has a good introductory paragraph (or two) that gives an overview of the main issue. 


(b) Makes good use of examples in the paper.


(c) Explains the issue with at least one citation to something outside this course.




2. Explains the view of each author on the relevant issue



(a) Thomson


(b) Mill


(c) Rawls


(d) Feinberg


(e) Scanlon


(f) Dworkin


(g) Schelling


(h) Talbott (including at least one branching diagram)





Remember that the standard for evaluating an explanation is whether a reasonably intelligent person who had not taken a philosophy course would be able to understand it.