PHIL 350A:  Instructions for Using Peer Review


There is a link to the Peer Review site on the PHIL 350 Web page.  When you click on the link, you will be asked to log on with your U.W. ID and password.  The first time you log on, you will choose a color for your comments.  Please don't choose a light color (like yellow) that is difficult to read.  Then you are ready to post a draft of your assignment.  From the Peer Review Menu, choose "Set up a new document for review."  Make sure that you choose the correct assignment for your submission.  Also make sure that your name appears at the beginning of your assignment.  Peer Review will prompt you for a title.  You must enter something ("Assignment #1" is fine).  Then you can upload your paper as a file to o the Peer Review site.  If you have formatting or footnotes in your document, save it as a Web page (HTML format) in your word processor and then when you upload it, choose “HTML" (Web page) not “Text” for the format. 

If there is a problem with your document, you may delete it and upload a new version.  The most common problem is uploading an HTML file as text.  If you do this, you will see lots of gibberish.  Just delete the document and upload it as "HTML" rather than as Text.

HOW TO DELETE A DOCUMENT:  Choose the "Edit a document" option and then the "Delete" option.  You cannot edit a document that has been uploaded.  You must delete it and upload a new version.