PHIL 350A:  Homework Assignment #4 (10 Points).


To receive full credit for this assignment, you must be in class on the day it is due or have an excused absence.  This assignment has two parts:


            (1) Statement of Your Own View (to be posted on Peer Review by 9 am on Wednesday, Nov. 8).  Use one paragraph to explain the internalist/externalist distinction about justification.  Then in two pages or less state your position on the issue and respond to what you take to be the strongest objection to your position.  If you are successful, the reader will appreciate that your position is a thoughtful one, because it reflects a serious weighing of considerations pro and con and is not merely the result of blind conviction.  


            (2) Vote (due via email by 1 pm on Thursday, Nov. 9).  Every class member should read all the postings and vote via email for the posting that does the best job of stating a thoughtful position on the internalism/externalism issue.