PHIL 350A:  Homework Assignment #1 (10 Points).


To receive full credit for this assignment, you must be in class on the day it is due or have an excused absence.  This assignment has two parts:


            (1) Philosophical Explanation (to be posted on Peer Review by 9 am on Tuesday, Oct. 10).  In one page or less, explain a puzzle that arises in considering how we can be justified in having beliefs about an external world.  Explain the puzzle in a way that enables the reader to appreciate its epistemological significance.  Use an example in your explanation.  Don't try to solve the puzzle.  Your explanation should be understandable by a reasonably intelligent person who has never had an epistemology course.  Your explanation should enable the reader to feel puzzlement.


            (2) Vote (due via email by 1 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 10).  Every class member should read all the postings and vote via email for the posting that does the best job of explaining its puzzle.