PHIL 350

End of Class Questions


January 7, 2014:  Consider first TB ŕ K.  Is this true?  Any counterexamples?   Explain.


January 9, 2014:  Explain the “permanent picture gallery” objection to Locke’s Representational Theory of perceptual knowledge?


January 14, 2014:  No EoC Question.


January 16, 2014:  Why is the example of the paranoid schizophrenic a problem for a coherence theory of justification?


Jan. 23, 2014:  Explain why BonJour thinks that to understand our belief transitions as reasoning, we have to believe that we have a priori insight (into necessary truths). 


January 30, 2014:  Explain the example of Alvin and the sheep.


February 1, 2014:  Vote


February 11, 2014:  Explain either of the following two examples:

(a) Mr. Truetemp

(b) Norman


February 13, 2014:  Use an example to explain one of the following two ideas:

(1) W-to-B sensitivity

(2) B-to-W reliability


February 20, 2014:  In-class activity.


Feb. 25, 2014:  In your opinion, is testimony a non-separable source of belief?  Explain.  In your answer explain what “non-separable source of belief” means.


March 4, 2014:  What are the three kinds of skepticism about justification that BonJour surrenders to (so far)?


March 11, 2014:  Explain why the Evil Demon example is a problem for the simple reliabilist.  What is the virtue reliabilist response to the Evil Demon example? 


March 13, 2014:  Vote