PHIL 338A:  Information on the Service-Learning Option



Service-learning provides students a unique opportunity to connect coursework with life experience through public service. Offered as an integral part of many University of Washington courses, service-learning provides students an opportunity to experience theories traditionally studied within classrooms come to life, through serving with community-based organizations. Choosing to engage in service-learning is a way to demonstrate your commitment to your community and your ability to link your academic studies to practical, real-world experiences. The Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center, located in 171 Mary Gates Hall, facilitates contacts with community-based organizations and will help you to coordinate your service-learning opportunity.



Instructions for how to browse a list of organizations and service-learning positions matched with this course will be presented the first day of classes. You can also visit the Carlson Center web site at and follow the link to AUTUMN 2012 Service-Learning. You can log in using your UW Net ID to browse positions starting on Monday, September 24th. The Carlson Center will send you an email if browsing is available before this time. For this class, service-learning registration opens on Thursday, September 27th at 8 am and closes on Monday October 1st at noon.

All students are expected to complete an orientation with their registered service-learning organization as soon as possible after registering for service-learning (unless otherwise noted in the description). Please be proactive in contacting your organization (after your service-learning registration is confirmed) by phone and e-mail to either 1) schedule an orientation or 2) confirm your attendance at an already scheduled orientation session. It is expected that all service-learning students will have completed an orientation and begun their service-learning experience no later than October 8th.

In addition, the Carlson Center offers a Pre-Service Workshop designed to help students prepare for their service-learning experience through intentional, structured reflection. Reflection is a central component of the service-learning experience; through reflection that is intentionally integrated with academic content, service-learning students are able to deepen their learning through a real life experience. The Pre-Service Workshop will provide students with a basic overview of service-learning fundamentals including building reciprocal relationships, approaching community work from an asset-based perspective, and exhibiting professionalism in their work with community organizations. Students will reflect on aspects of their personal identity and examine how these inform their ideas about entering into service work and how they would work through potential scenarios they might encounter as a service-learning student. Students will also have an opportunity to hear from their peers through activities, small group, and large group discussion.

Sessions will be offered during the second week of Autumn Quarter in the Carlson Center in MGH 171. Space is limited, and students must sign up to attend. Please visit the Carlson Center website ( for a list of dates and times Pre-Service Workshops will be offered and to register for a session.

Carlson Center staff are available between the hours of 9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday to assist you. Feel free to e-mail, with any questions you may have, or to call the office at (206) 616-2885 if you are unable to come to Mary Gates Hall 171.



Students who are interested in pursuing a service-learning position that is not on the list of positions developed by the Carlson Center will need to fill out a service-learning self placement form. In order to get this form, they should visit our web site at

Students should fill out the form and forward it to me (Professor Talbott) for approval. If I approve the self placement, I will forward the completed form to and the Carlson Center will get the student, their organization, and the contact information for the organization entered in to our database. The deadline for receipt of the form is Friday, October 5th at 5 pm.



For this course, the Carlson Center has identified 27 positions. To access these service-learning positions, please visit Please note, this list will no doubt grow and potentially change a bit as we get closer to the start of the quarter.