Burke's Political Anti-Philosophy


According to Burke, what rights are there in the State of Nature?


What rights are there in civil society?

        The importance of convention rather than natural rights.  (Who is he disagreeing with?  What other philosopher has a view of this kind?)


What rights does Burke oppose? 


Why does Burke oppose democracy, at least, for large European countries?


















Burke's Opposition to Making Philosophy the Foundation of Legitimate Government


What mistakes does he think political philosophers have made?

(a) in epistemology?

(b) in political philosophy?

(c) in practice?


Burke's particularism:  Abstract principles vs. good judgment in particular cases.  Burke denies that there are any exceptionless principles in politics.


What would Burke substitute for reason as a foundation for the state?

        Religion and piety.  Also chivalry.


Why is tyranny of a majority worse than tyranny of a single prince?


What is Burke's antidote to tyranny (of a monarch or of a majority)?


Burke's arguments for tolerance in religion and philosophy.