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Lecture Slides

Week #1 (Jan. 7-10).  Course Introduction and Introduction to Moral Reasoning

Week #2 (Jan. 14-17): Distributive Justice:  A Transnational Original Position?

Weeks #3 (Jan. 21-24):  Is There an Obligation to Help the Global Poor?

Week #4 (Jan. 28-31):  Is There an Effective Way to Help the Global Poor?

Week #5 (Feb. 4-7):  Is There a Right to Immigration?

Week #6 (Feb. 11-14):  Climate Change and Global Justice

Week #7 (Feb. 18-21):  Can transnational institutions contribute to global justice?

Week #8 (Feb. 25-28): Should we have a world government?

Week #9 (Mar. 4-7):  Are Human Rights, Democracy, and Distributive Justice Merely Western Values? 

Week #10 (Mar. 11-14):  Conclusion