PHIL 102 Transparencies for Nov. 13, 1996

Four Authors' Views on Sexual Morality

I. Punzo's Defense of Traditional Sexual Morality: Sex without commitment is a merging of bodies but not of selves (242).

Sex as a commodity vs. sex as an expression of a total union or mutual and total commitment of self to self.

II. Mappes' Kantian moral imperative: Don't use (treat) other people as a means only (but as an end also).

Requirement of informed, voluntary consent. Rules out deception and coercion.

Distinction between threat (coerce) vs. offer (induce).

III. Dworkin's Objection to the Meaning of Intercourse: Use and abuse of women.

Question: Can intercourse be an expression of sexual equality?

IV. Callahan's Proposal to Feminize Sexuality: Monogamy, self-control, emotionally bonded and committed sex.

The Feminist Mistake: To adopt the male-oriented model of sexuality: Permissiveness without commitment. It has been harmful to women and children.