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May 31, 2012 Seattle University Lecture: 
"What the Development of Human Rights Can Teach Us about Moral Progress"
Click on the title for a link to a YouTube video of the lecture.


Review of Human Rights and Human Well-Being
by Professor Kok-Chor Tan
in October 2012 Philosophical Review

Click on this link to reach the book review section. 
Professor Tan's review begins on page 630.


Courses 2013-2014

Autumn Quarter 2013

GEN ST 197J (Freshman Seminar in Philosophy)

PHIL 440 (Ethics)

PHIL 450 (Epistemology)

Winter Quarter 2013

PHIL 207 (Issues of Global Justice)

PHIL 350 (Introduction to Epistemology)

Summer Quarter 2013

To Be Announced


Courses from Previous Years:


                GEN ST 197 (Freshman Seminar in Philosophy) 

                PHIL 102 (Contemporary Moral Problems)

                PHIL 207 (Issues of Global Justice)

               PHIL 240 (Introduction to Ethics)

                PHIL 332 (History of Modern Political Philosophy)

                PHIL 338 (Philosophy of Human Rights) 

                PHIL 350 (Introduction to Epistemology)

                PHIL 410 (Social Philosophy: The Priority of Liberty) 

                PHIL 437 (Philosophy of David Hume)

                PHIL 440 (Philosophical Ethics)

                PHIL 450 (Epistemology) 

                PHIL 466 (Philosophy of Social Sciences--Rationality in the Social Sciences)

                PHIL 490 (Advanced Topics in Epistemology)

                PHIL 538 (Seminar on the Philosophy of Human Rights)

                PHIL 540 (Seminar in Ethics)

                PHIL 550 (Seminar in Epistemology)


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