Course Overview

  • Prerequisites: none, but priority is given to Biomedical and Health Informatics graduate students or certificate students.
  • Content: This course provides a forum for students to critically read, present, and discuss articles from the biomedical and health informatics literature. Students receive constructive feedback from faculty and fellow students on both the content and style on their presentation of their chosen article. The goal is to provide a supportive, constructive, and enjoyable environment that helps students learn and practice presentation skills while deepening their knowledge of the biomedical and health informatics literature. To have the kind of interactive class that everyone enjoys, students need to both attend class and participate in the discussions. By participating in class, students can demonstrate their understanding of the papers and topics and help others benefit from their perspective and experience.
  • Readings will be available online through e-reserves as students submit their selections
  • Format:
    • Entire class reads student-selected paper before class
    • Student speaker gives 20-25 minute presentation of a paper
    • Class asks questions and discuss paper for 20 minutes
    • Faculty provide verbal feedback to speaker for last 5-10 minutes
    • Entire class provides written feedback to speaker


This course will help students:

  • improve their oral presentation skills
  • increase their knowledge of the biomedical and health informatics literature
  • gain experience critically reading and analyzing papers
  • see various perspectives on the  field - both from the articles chosen and the class discussion
  • use literature sources in which biomedical and health informatics issues are discussed and assessed
  • improve their discussion skills
  • get to know and understand the perspectives of their fellow students and faculty

Accommodating Students with Disabilities:

If you would like to request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, (206) 543-8924 (V/TTY). If you have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating you have a disability that requires academic accommodations, please present the letter to the Instructor so that we can discuss the accommodations you might need for this class.

For additional information, see Statements to Ensure Equal Opportunity and Reasonable Accommodation

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